Come si dice tigelle in inglese?

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[...] crumbly fried bread), “tigelle” (small savoury scones), [...]

Come si dice capocollo in inglese?

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2 (= coppa) salami made with pork neck.

Come si dice in inglese larva?

A grub is an insect which has just hatched from its egg. A larva is an insect at the stage of its life after it has developed from an egg and before it changes into its adult form.

Come si dice in inglese cotechino?


nm cotechino, type of Italian pork sausage.

Come si dice in inglese avocado?

s.m. 1 (Bot) avocado, avocado tree. 2 (Bot,Alim) (frutto) avocado, avocado pear, (Am) alligator pear.

How to Pronounce tigelle - American English